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Sametime 9.0 Upgrade (poodle patch) of System Console fails

IBM announced new updates of Sametime because of SSLv3 vulnerability (PODDLE) for all Sametime comoponents on february this year

Security Bulletin: Vulnerability in SSLv3 affects Sametime (CVE-2014-3566)

After two month of upgrading today i got this strange error if i try to upgrade the Sametime System Console.

„A problem occurred during the execution of the ….WebSphere\STSCCell\build_meeting.xml file“

Analyzing the xml file (build_meeting.xml) there was a problem starting the application server STConsoleServer within the upgrade phase.
So i checked if there are problems with the registered os services to start – but this was not the problem (upgrade also failed). Looking inside the application server configuration i found out that the application server was  set to have dependencies with its nodeagent (monitoring policy = RUNNING).

So therefore the upgrade fails because of waiting for the nodeagent to start. You need – only for the upgrade process – to set the setting from RUNNING to STOPPED.

There is an IBM technote with a little more information about this setting.

Using the Monitoring Policy to automate the server startup may interfere with Application updates