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Notes 9 client crash when sending emails

There is a „little“ problem in the IBM Notes 9 client when you use (implemented in Notes 8.5.3) an INI parameter for the clear the recent contacts view at next Notes client startup (PURGE_RECENTS_CONTACTS=1)

After try to send an email the client will crash!!!

So please remove the entry before upgrading to Notes 9 and then you could be happy

IBM reference IBM Notes 9.0 Client Crashes after Launch or when Sending Mail

Domino 9 „killer feature“ for smtp sending attachments

IBM Domino 9 is life since a long time and its relay a good version (stable).
A lot of customers ask me if there are is a reason against the update on the Server side.

And YES – if you are using a Domino smtp server – there is a „killer feature“.

There is a problem with the sending of attachments through a domino 9 smtp server, where attachments get corrupted or they are wrong „reattached“ so that the receipients gets confusied.

So please wait until Domino 9.0.1 to get this fixed.

Just be clear only for the Domino 9 smtp server !!!

… to be continued